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Licensing history

The first Dungeons & Dragons licensed games were made by Mattel for the Intellivision. The contract actually required some variations to the normal Intellivision title screens with the name being capitalized and the addition of the word 'cartridge'. The games, however, had nothing to do with the rules or any of the settings.
The first license for video games based upon the Dungeons & Dragons rules was awarded to Strategic Simulations, Inc. in 1987 after ten companies had applied. SSI won the award primarily because of their broader vision and their experience in computerized wargaming. After a successful run with their Gold Box series of games, SSI lost their exclusive license in 1994. TSR then divided the license among multiple publishers.
TSR awarded Interplay Productions, Inc. a license to use the Forgotten Realms and Planescape trademarks and associated properties for use in computer and video game products. Within Interplay, a division named Black Isle Studios used this license arrangement to develop a series of successful games based upon the two D&D settings. They also published the Baldur's Gate series developed by the Canadian company BioWare. In 2003, Interplay ran into financial difficulties, resulting in the closure of Black Isle Studios. Their next planned D&D video game, code-named "Jefferson," was canceled as a result of legal issues with Wizards of the Coast, the new rights holders to the D&D franchise.
Wizards of the Coast purchased TSR, the makers of Dungeons & Dragons, in 1997. They in turn were acquired by Hasbro in 1999. As a result, the subsidiary Hasbro Interactive gained the right to use the Dungeons & Dragons game brand in their video game products. In 2001, facing financial difficulties, Hasbro sold 100% of Hasbro Interactive to French software concern Infogrames Entertainment, SA in a US$100 million deal. This led to the publication of Neverwinter Nights in 2002, a game also developed by Bioware.



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Free Download Game Dungeons & Dragons FULL
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