Senin, 11 April 2016

Free Download Game Online Burning Cars

You got close a few times, but never won it: the Trashpit Championship. As skilled behind the wheel as your father was, there was something missing. Maybe it was instinct, maybe ferocity, or the hummingbird beat reactions that success on the track demands. Regardless, his racing days are over; that’s why he gave you the keys to his old truck, and a little money to get started. His racing days are over, but yours have just begun… Stunning effects, amazing fire, hard racing with bullets - is what you've waited for for so long. Old school gamers can hear 'rock'n'roll' in the noise of your madly spinning tires on the start. Just get in the car and try to survive on a track. Be quick, be smart, be fearless and the Trashpit Cup is yours. And don't forget to take a good minigun and couple of mines, this is necessary for living on the track. 

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Free Download Game Online Burning Cars
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